Life Settlements


Protecting Your Well-being

A life settlement is a financial transaction where a policyholder will sell their life insurance policy in exchange for a lump sum, cash settlement. Generally, life settlements offer policy owners a way out of their financially crippling life insurance policy without requiring them to lapse or surrender their insurance.

Typically, when selling a life insurance policy, the purchasing party–investor–will pay the policyholder a determined price in order to assume the position as the beneficiary of the policy. Once sold, the investor will be responsible for paying any future premiums on the policy. So, if you are in need of a way to escape from your costly life insurance policy, then Reeves Financial Group can help you sell it in exchange for a life settlement.

Life settlements allow you to receive instant cash in the form of a lump sum and eliminate the need to pay ever rising premiums.

Most importantly, a life settlement will give you full access to your investment, allowing you to plan for your family’s future, pay off any accumulated debt, and provide you with a financially fruitful retirement. With a life settlement, you can break you free from the financial restraints that insurance companies place on you.